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Eclipse Distribution is your One Stop Wholesale Shop. We are Faster ~ Better ~ Easier.

Our products include: Korean Style "Mink" blankets, Licensed (NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR and Cartoon) blankets, bedspreads, rugs, t-shirts,  fleece, sweatshirts, shower curtains, curtains, comforters, backpacks, and much more. 

We can supply product to every type of wholesale customer. We are a wholesaler for both the guy just starting out and needs a few products to the chain store company with a high volume demand with *same day and next day shipment turn around time. We also offer drop shipping. We distribute fast selling wholesale merchandise than turns quickly. If we can't sell it fast we don't stock it. This gives you confidence knowing you will have the hottest wholesale products on the market.
*restrictions apply, must place order by 12:00pm MST

Buy with confidence. With over 25 years of experience OUR first priority is to ensure you are very pleased with your purchase! We have over 99.4% customer satisfaction rating. Please feel free to email any questions or comments you may have.


3 of 15 reasons why Eclipse Distribution is the best place to buy blankets from.

Largest selection of blankets on the internet
With over 1000 blankets listed online for you to browse through and purchase we proudly sport the largest selection of Korean Style “Mink” Blankets anywhere on the internet. We carry baby blankets all the way up to king size and specialty blankets such as movie and Disney characters.
Real-time online inventory
Our website reflects our Warehouse inventory. Immediately when a product becomes out of stock it automatically is displayed as such on our website. View-able from every product page you will see an in or out of stock by each product. Also you may choose to browse through all our blankets or simply the ones we have in stock. In-stock blankets are always displayed at the beginning of each category making it easy to see the in-stock blankets first. With the popularity of Korean style “mink” blankets it’s important to know what is available to you.

Competitive pricing / qty pricing

With our huge selection of Korean style “mink” blankets we can offer you the most competitive pricing and even quantity pricing based on the amount of money you spend.


What is a Korean Style Mink Blanket?
A Korean Style Mink Blanket is not made from mink or any other animal. It is a printed high pile polyester or acrylic/polyester blend blanket It gets its name from the furry, plush soft texture that feels similar to mink fur. They do not shed, bleed, fade and are machine washable. They are durable and will last from 5-20 years depending on the quality and thickness. Not all Mink blankets are made in Korea. Some are made in China, Mexico and a few other countries. The most common mink blankets are made in Korea or China. Be aware that the country that they are made in does not make the quality better or worse. There is a common myth that blankets made in China are thin or cheep. China manufactures have invested in new looms and make comparable if not better blankets in some cases. To determine quality you need to compare thickness (weight), blend, sheen and texture. There are some manufactures in China that continue to make the thinner cheaper Blankets. The thinner China blankets can be as thin as 1.5 KG. The thinner China blankets will not last more than 1-3 years. Please be aware we at EclipsDist.com do not carry the 1.5 KG China blankets. The most common weight sold today is 2.0KG-3.0KG. If you were in Korea during the war the common weight was 5.5KG or thicker We do carry 2.5KG-5.5KG mink style blankets. Our mink blankets are generally allergy free and great for the whole family. We carry from crib size all the way up to king size.
Blanket Softness
The unique blend of the super plush makes this Korean style mink quite simply one of the softest blanket on the market today. The plush high pile polyester blankets are also know as Korean style "mink". Superior quality, will last for years. Will not fade, bleed or shed. Korean Style Mink Blankets are hypoallergenic and machine washable for easy care. Many styles, sizes and uses. Great for use as a bedspread, wall hanging, to cuddle under on your sofa, perfect for your picnic or even take camping. Choose from crib size all the way to king size. Great gift for any occasion. With our vast selection of Disney cartoon, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NCAA, Signature Collection, and Korean Mink animal designs you are sure to find a gift for everyone on your list.

The softest, brightest, and plushest printed blanket on the planet. A luxurious blanket. Can be used at the game, on a picnic, in the bedroom, or cuddle under it in the den while watching TV. These detailed designs bring the outdoors adventure into your home yet keep you warm and cozy on those chilly domestic safaris. These blankets are extra warm, as soft as mink (also know as “Korean mink”) and have superior durability. Machine wash.



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