Possible Upcoming Blanket Shortage. . .

Posted by Wendy Velasquez on

As everyone probably knows, the new Covid-19 Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc in China and causing all sorts of terrible tragedies. Many provinces and cities have been shut down, and as result the manufacturing workforce and overall economy has come to a halt.

That being said, it will be hard to tell when new products and new shipments will be available. Likely there will be a period where we simply can't get anything due to the lack of supply.

Luckily however, our latest containers were shipped in early January just arrived right before this stoppage! Don't miss your chance to stock up now on inventory! Many of our next planned shipments of out China are all being delayed indefinitely... this very well could be our last container for a while until situations improve in China and the workforce gets back on it's feet.


*Please note that some of our designs are stocked in another warehouse domestically and may be available upon request if showing out of stock online.

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